secret barrel distillery corporation  

Secret Barrel Distillery is a Canadian rum company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The company is focused on working closely with farmers and distilleries in Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to source the most sustainable and delicious rum to bring back to Canada for blending and bottling.  Our rum will entice you with vibrant aromas of citrus, cocoa, caramel.  Secret Barrel rum comes straight from the heart of the still, so unlike many rums, we have hand-crafted this beverage to allow you to relish straight on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail.


XM Rum

Award Winning Rum made in Georgetown, Guyana. XM Rum is masterfully blended using over 150 years of accumulated knowledge, skills and experience, producing truly unique rum blends. XM Rum has received international acclaim winning, among other awards, Gold in the Rum Masters Award, International Spirits Challenge and Monde Selection.